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Loes Oudenhuijsen wint Marjan Rens/LOVA Thesis Award 2019

The winner of the 2019 LOVA Marjan Rens Award is Loes Oudenhuijsen with her thesis “You Have to Know How to Play, Otherwise They Will Catch You.” Young Women and the Navigation of Same-Sex Intimacies in Contemporary Urban Senegal.


The winning thesis opens with a vignette that draws the reader immediately into the topic of same-sex intimacies in urban Senegal. In impeccable English she deftly welcomes us into an unknown cultural enclave. Profoundly aware of the anthropological credo that discourse does not equal practice, she dissects both shifting and situational emic discursive categories and their meanings as well as surreptitious same-sex practices, and moreover beautifully describes how her research participants negotiate and develop tactics to overcome discrepancies between normative discourse and actual practices.




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